2010 Call for Presentations

With a goal of building on the tremendous success of the past, the 2010 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Symposium Program Committee invites you to submit proposals for presentations at the next global conference scheduled for April 12 – 14, 2010 at the Sheraton located in downtown Chicago.

The Program Committee is issuing this call for presentations to solicit ideas for professional content and identify outstanding presenters for the 2010 event. Accepted sessions will deliver outstanding value to the top risk management professionals globally while exciting and engaging attendees.

The following are suggested general themes for ERM sessions/topics. These are simply broad guidelines, and the Committee welcomes additional ERM ideas outside these areas. The intent is to address various practical applications and insights across a broad spectrum of industries to foster cross-pollination and collaboration of ERM professionals no matter what area of discipline, geography, or sector they practice in.

  • Creation of Value through ERM
  • Using or Developing Economic Capital
    • Risk and Capital Management
  • ERM in Strategy, Strategic Risk Management and/or Strategic Planning Process
    • Strategic Optimization in ERM
  • ERM and the Role of the Board of Directors
  • ERM and the Role of the Chief Risk Officer
  • Regulatory and Rating Agency ERM Considerations
  • Effective Presentation and Use of ERM Results
    • ERM Key Performance Indicators and Their Practical Use in Decision-Making
    • From Risk Monitoring and Measurement to Risk-based Decision-Making
  • ERM – Theoretical Foundation
    • Managing Dependencies, Integration of Risks Across an Organization
    • Integration of Risk Models and Concepts From Different Areas of the Enterprise
  • Operational Risk Measurement and Implementation
  • Emerging Risk Identification and Management
  • ERM Frameworks
  • “How to” presentations addressing the topics above or other ERM topics

Please submit your proposed session title, description, presenter(s) and other requested information using the online submission form by Oct. 9, 2009. The invitations to participate in the program will be extended by Nov. 15, 2009. Please note that real-life applications and practical case studies will be favored.

PLEASE NOTE: A separate call for scientific research papers to be presented at the Symposium has been issued and is available on the ERM Symposium Web site.

The ERM Symposium is sponsored by the following non-profit organizations: Society of Actuaries, the Casualty Actuarial Society, the Joint Risk Management Section, and Professional Risk Managers’ International Association, in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, Asociacion Mexicana De Actuarios, Enterprise Risk Management International Institute, and Colegio Naciona de Actuarios.