Concurrent Sessions

The 2012 ERM Symposium will offer more than 25 concurrent sessions. An initial list of planned concurrent session topics is provided below. A complete list of concurrent sessions, along with session descriptions and speakers will be posted online.

  • Bringing Private Sector Risk Management Discipline to Large-Scale Government Risks
  • Bringing the Power of Today’s Advanced Predictive Analytics to the Practice of Risk Management
  • Continuous Monitoring for Risk and Performance Management
  • Emerging Risks— An Evolving Landscape
  • ERM: Aligning Proper Incentives with “Risk/Reward” Decision Making
  • ERM at the YMCA of the USA: A Case Study
  • ERM for the Smaller Company
  • ERM Implementation at Professional Risk Organizations
  • ERM “Standards” of Practice vs. “Best” Practices
  • Hedging VA Guarantees: From Defining Objectives To Optimizing a Program
  • Integrating ORSA Requirements Between Europe and the U.S.
  • Interest Rate Earnings Risk Analysis for Insurers: Repricing Gap Analysis Approach
  • Linkage between Risk Appetite and Strategic Planning
  • Managing Risk in a Dangerously Changing World
  • Public Pension Risk Dynamics
  • Public Private Partnership: A Risky Proposition?
  • Risks for Non-Financial Services Companies
  • Solvency II Implementation Issues
  • Systemic Risk
  • Understanding Operational Risk Governance and Designing its Effective Implementation
  • Using Capital Models to Support Management Decision Making
  • What Do Rating Agencies Want?
  • What to Do When Models Don’t Work

ERM Research Sessions

In addition to the sessions listed above, the 2012 ERM Symposium will present research from the academic community. Three concurrent sessions focused on research will be offered, with authors of papers presenting their research. Questions and comments from the audience will be encouraged to stimulate the discussion.

Three prizes will be awarded for the best papers.

ERM Research Excellence Award in Memory of Hubert Mueller
$5,000 award for the best overall paper awarded by the Actuarial Foundation

New Frontiers in Risk Management
$5,000 award from PRMIA

Award for Practical Risk Management Applications
$5,000 award from the CAS, CIA, SOA Joint Risk Management Section

The list of authors and research papers that will be featured at the 2012 ERM Symposium will be posted on the Symposium website.