2013 Enterprise Risk Management Symposium

Former FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair headlines the 2013 ERM Symposium

Join us for the 2013 ERM Symposium in Chicago, where we’ll explore the latest risk topics and challenges across a broad spectrum of industries, and foster cross-pollination and collaboration of ERM professionals without regard to industry, sector or geography.

This year’s program has been developed around the theme, ERM: A Critical Self-Reflection, which asks:

Has the risk profession become a spectator sport? One in which we believe we are being proactive, yet not necessarily in the right areas. For the most significant headlines during the past year, how was the risk management function involved? Since the financial crisis, has there been genuine learning and changes to how risk management functions operate? If yes, what are the lessons that have been learned and how are they shaping risk management today? If not, why? Does risk management have a seat at the table, at the correct table? Are risk managers as empowered as they should be? Is risk management asking the right questions? Is risk management as involved in decision making and value creation as it should be, at inception of ideas and during follow through?

The ERM Symposium and seminars bring together ERM knowledge from a variety of industries and aim to expand knowledge and provide a discussion forum for a wide range of professionals, including risk management practitioners and senior managers in the insurance, energy and financial sectors.

Now in its 11th year, this premier global conference on ERM will offer:

  • sessions featuring top risk management experts
  • seminars on hot ERM issues
  • networking opportunities to renew and expand your list of ERM contacts
  • a track of sessions featuring academics presenting ERM research from leading universities
  • exhibitors demonstrating their ERM services and knowledge.

Who should attend:

  • Chief risk officers
  • Chief financial officers
  • Chief actuaries
  • Risk professionals
  • Equity analysts and other investment professionals
  • Risk modeling experts
  • Asset liability management practitioners
  • Anyone interested in learning more about enterprise risk management
  • Anyone interested in networking with colleagues about recent issues and how best to manage risk