2013 Call for Proposals


The 2013 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Symposium Program Committee is soliciting presentations for the 2013 ERM Symposium. First held in 2003, the premier global conference on ERM will be held April 22-24, 2013, at the Swissotel in Chicago, IL. The conference begins on April 22, 2013 with three one-day limited attendance ERM Seminars, held concurrently, wherein topics are explored in depth over the course of a full day. The ERM Symposium begins with a reception on the evening of April 22, with general and concurrent sessions being held from the morning of April 23, 2013 through mid-afternoon April 24, 2013.

For the 2013 ERM Symposium the Program Committee has adopted a theme, characterizing the world of today. The theme for the 2013 ERM Symposium is “ERM: A Critical Self-Reflection”. The Program Committee’s aim is to develop the 2013 ERM Symposium around this provocative and engaging theme, which we hope will serve to ground and center our efforts. The theme is intended to guide presenters and attendees to consider the following:

Has the risk profession become a spectator sport? One in which we believe we are being proactive, yet not necessarily in the right areas. For the most significant headlines over the past year, how was the risk management function involved? Since the financial crisis, has there been genuine learning and changes to how risk management functions operate? If yes, what are the lessons that have been learned and how are they shaping risk management today? If not, why? Does risk management have a seat at the table, at the correct table? Are risk managers as empowered as they should be? Is risk management asking the right questions? Is risk management as involved in decision making and value creation as it should be, at inception of ideas and during follow through?

The ERM Symposium and Seminars, intended to bring together ERM knowledge from a variety of industries, aim to expand knowledge and provide a discussion forum for a wide range of professionals, including risk management practitioners and senior managers in the insurance, energy and financial sectors.

The ERM Symposium Program Committee comprises volunteers drawn from a wide range of risk activities and industry sectors, and includes members of the SOA, CAS, PRMIA, CIA and CONAC.

ERM Symposium Concurrent Session Presentations

The Committee seeks proposals for concurrent session presentations, requests that the theme “ERM: A Critical Self-Reflection” be considered, and will give preference to presentations which aim to incorporate the theme and to those which seek to reflect the following.

  1. Case studies of successful and unsuccessful attempts to embed ERM into an organization’s culture or use ERM to meet the challenges posed to the organization, especially the challenges presented by the events of the past few years;
  2. Technical/quantitative presentations of a practical nature that will impart immediately applicable information or approaches regarding specific ERM;
  3. Presentations focused on higher-level principles or of a more theoretical nature, either of general interest to ERM practitioners or regarding specific ERM challenges.

Although the Program Committee requests that the theme be considered and reflected, and feel that it is broad enough to be applicable for most topics, we recognize there are ample ERM topics and will certainly consider all meritorious proposals. Particular emphasis will be given to presentations by practicing risk managers who support their arguments with practical examples.

The Committee strives to construct a rich program addressing issues, applications and insight across a broad spectrum of industries and fostering cross-pollination and collaboration of ERM professionals without regard to industry, sector or geographic location.

Presentations that serve as a critical review or reflection on ERM of today (consider the theme) are particularly encouraged. The following is a sample list of topics and/or potential presentations of greatest relevance to the Committee; it is not exhaustive. Other presentations of interest to ERM professionals will be considered.

  • ERM in action: Its successes and failings
  • Reactive vs. proactive ERM
  • Systemic Risk: How are organizations dealing with exposure to systemic risk and other macroeconomic challenges? How can ERM be improved in these areas?
  • Embedding or lack thereof of education from the financial crisis in risk management
  • ERM’s role in decision making and value creation
  • Challenges with empowering and focusing ERM
  • Case studies or discussions of actual ERM programs in the non-financial sectors (such as transportation, manufacturing, non-commercial entities, etc.) that may lead to new ways of thinking about and managing the risks faced by finance and insurance risk practitioners.
  • Challenges of embedding ERM into organizational culture.
  • Comparisons of risk management across the financial sector, such as (1) banks and insurance or (2) different lines of insurance.
  • Designing risk indicators that are dynamic and truly capture the organization’s risk profile.
  • Responses to new regulatory and rating agency challenges.
  • How does one meet the specific challenges of designing models to quantify/evaluate risk without being seduced by the models themselves? Are there best practices for embedding risk models into effective risk management? Practical case studies and comparisons of risk metrics and quantification methodologies are particularly encouraged.

ERM Seminars

In addition to the above, the Committee solicits proposals for full-day interactive Seminars to be held on April 22, 2013. Unlike the general and concurrent sessions at the ERM Symposium, the full-day Seminars are intended to allow for more in-depth coverage of specific subjects in ERM. The Seminars are each eight-hours long with refreshment and lunch breaks. The successful proposer will prepare a full-day program agenda that may be delivered individually or with a group of experienced ERM peers. Rather than a collection of separate presentations, we seek academic instruction and encouragement of active participation amongst attendees with continuity of topic running throughout the complete Seminar program.

The Committee is interested in high-value Seminar proposals that will deliver significant practical educational content to the attendees. In particular, the Committee is interested in proposals for full day Seminars in the following areas:

  • ERM Fundamentals
  • The target audience for the ERM Symposium is primarily experienced risk management professionals and senior managers in the insurance, energy, and financial sectors. In an effort to make the Symposium more accessible to those new to ERM, particularly experienced professionals in the target business sectors whose responsibilities are being expanded to include aspects of ERM, the Committee wishes to present a high caliber one-day introductory Seminar on ERM Fundamentals.

  • Advanced ERM Topics
  • The Committee is also interested in receiving proposals to present a one-day Seminar on advanced ERM topics. The topic chosen should be of current and broad interest; the presenters must be excellent speakers with proven capabilities to provide stimulating, engaging and meaningful content to experienced risk management professionals.

The Seminars may also include pre-Seminar assignments. Successful seminars have significantly engaged the audience by utilizing a wide variety of educational methods, in addition to lecture, such as group exercises, multi-media, individual exercises, question and answer and other engaging methods. The Seminar presenters must submit material in advance electronically for distribution to Seminar participants. The presenters may in addition deliver material via a computer and LCD projector on the day of the Seminar or bring paper copies of the material.

Expected Seminar attendance will be 50 to 75 persons.

The successful proposer(s) of an ERM Seminar will be reimbursed for the costs of producing Seminar materials and for reasonable travel expenses. Requests for other reasonable remuneration will be considered. Proposers should include detailed cost estimates in their response to this call.

The presenters must adhere to the same requirements and deadlines imposed on all ERM Symposium presenters, in terms of working with Committee session coordinators, allowing review of material by session coordinators, and meeting material submission deadlines.

Proposal Requirements

Please submit your proposed session/seminar title, description, presenter(s) and other requested information using the online submission form.

  • Concurrent session proposals should be submitted by October 24, 2012. The Committee will respond to all such proposals by November 2, 2012.
  • Seminar proposals should be submitted by October 31, 2012. The Committee will respond to all such proposals by November 9, 2012.

The Committee reserves the right not to accept any proposal if an acceptable proposal is not received.

The ERM Symposium is a collaborative effort of the Society of Actuaries (SOA), the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA), along with the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA), in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, Asociacion Mexicana De Actuarios, Enterprise Risk Management International Institute (ERMII), and Colegio Nacional de Actuarios (CONAC). Each of these organizations is extensively involved in the development of risk management, and the annual ERM Symposium presents a unique opportunity for members of these organizations and outside parties to gather and explore previously untapped synergies.