Speaker Coach

ERM Symposium Speakers Have Access to Speaker Coach

On April 14, ERM Symposium speaker coach, Peggy Kimmey, Lead Consultant and Founder of Kimmey Training and Consulting, presented a 60-minute webinar on successful presentation tips. Peggy is a sought-after conference presenter herself, and brings over 20 years training experience. She has a talent for simplifying complex concepts, and enjoys the challenge of working with clients speaking on technical topics.

Her intention when training speakers is two-fold:

  • Teach techniques to communicate more effectively and
  • Clarify the needs of the audience to ensure delivery of the intended message.
  • Peggy has provided a handout used to engage the audience during the webinar. To access the free recording, please follow these instructions.

Stream: http://wm.yourcall.com/Casact/Casact_Core_041415_1300.wmv

Download Instructions:

You will need the following login information to access the folder:

To download the file:

  1. Right Click your “Start” button.
  2. Select “Explore”
  3. In the Windows Explorer screen that appears, type ftp://cas:tn3k7@ftp.yourcall.com in the address bar.
  4. Then the log in box appears, enter the user name and password.
  5. Locate your file and right click it, and choose “Copy to Folder”.
  6. Select the location for your file and click “OK”.

For information on the Speaker Coach program, please email Dave Core, Director of Professional Education and Research, of the CAS.


The attached article has been scanned from the Toastmasters International magazine’s April issue “How to Moderate a Panel Discussion.” Whether you are a speaker, panelist, or facilitator for the ERM Symposium, there are solid tips for you to implement – or for you to expect your facilitator to implement – regarding format, preparing questions, and keeping the conversation moving.

Ms. Kimmey offers a personal recommendation – to continue to improve your speaking skills requires an on-going investment. Consider visiting a Toastmasters International club meeting near you. Visiting won’t cost you anything or require you to commit to anything. You can expect to see people practicing skills in:

  • Preparation and delivery of a short presentation,
  • Leading a meeting,
  • Giving constructive feedback,
  • Responding to impromptu questions,
  • Gaining a sense of timing for how long (or short) they are speaking, and
  • How often they use audible pauses (um, ah, you know) when gathering their thoughts.

To find a location and time that fits your schedule, go to: www.toastmasters.org and enter your zip code from the “Find a Club” button at the top right of your screen.