General Sessions

CRO & Risk Practitioner Panel – Risk(s) and Agility: A Discussion of Best Practices

Analyzing risk independently is easy, but insufficient and incorrect. Managing one risk often leads to blindly assuming additional risks. In this session, CRO’s and Risk practitioners will discuss best practices to maintain Agility [bold and italics] throughout the process by accounting and planning for multiple risk interactions. They will suggest best practices to move from scenario analyses to an overall view of the risk profile of the organization. They will discuss the importance of augmenting the analysis beyond the traditionally considered array of risk generators to include a broader cohort of social factors. General Jacoby will moderate this discussion with an eye to emphasizing and maintaining corporate  Agility in the risk environment. Please join us to listen in and address questions to our panel of senior risk professionals.

Gen. Charles H. Jacoby, Jr., Ret. (USA)
Henry Essert, Managing Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Chris Beck, Executive Risk Consultant, Milliman

Impacts of COVID-19 Coronavirus — What are We Doing as Risk Managers?

Recording of session

As evidenced at this Symposium, the growing pandemic of COVID-19 coronavirus is causing worldwide disruptions to business and in personal lives. What are we doing as risk managers to address this crisis? Join us for this impromptu roundtable discussion to hear what you plan to do or what feedback you are looking for from your peers to help you address this within your company and for your clients

Facilitated by:
David Schraub, SOA
Anthony Dardis, Milliman

U.S. Economic Outlook

The global economy lost momentum in 2019 under the shadow of trade wars and de-globalization. What can we expect in the next two years? How is the current economic outlook relevant to the insurance industry? What are the major risk scenarios to watch out for? How do financial market conditions affect investment and underwriting?

Thomas Holzheu, Chief Economist, Americas, Swiss Re Institute